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by Ex-IRS Revenue Officer

  & IRS Group Manager



Is Your IRS Tax Problem Keeping
You Up at Night?

Receive Tax Resolution Advice

By Former IRS Appeals Settlement Officer

and Tax Resolution Specialist



Vic Morel - Tax Resolution Specialist



We provide expert advice and representation to help solve your tax problems. Our Tax Specialist protects your rights, while negotiating with the IRS.


  • Did you receive a Final Notice from the IRS, threatening you with a levy on your bank account or wages?
  • Has a Revenue Officer visited your home or business?
  • Are you afraid that the IRS will seize everything you own?


If you owe Federal Taxes, IRS can seize your assets including your home, cash in your bank account, and even your wages.

Negotiating Tax Relief with the IRS can be frustrating and intimidating experience for people who do not have the professional training or the experience to handle it tactfully and effectively. 

Our certified Tax Resolution Specialist is enrolled to practice before the IRS to resolve delinquent tax problems.  Vic Morel, a former IRS Employee with over 34 Years experience, has the expertise to advise and assist in resolving your IRS tax problem



This is one of the many client testimonials we have received:


My wife and I lost our business. The IRS was coming after us for the unpaid back business payroll taxes. Because of our meager incomes, I was afraid that the IRS would garnish my Social Security Benefits.

Just when a levy was to be sent, Vic contacted the IRS, and demanded a Collection Due Process Hearing. My Social Security Checks were saved from the IRS's Collection Efforts.

He has my gratitude and my wife's.

Steve S......... Palm Springs, CA



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We resolve tax problems

in these areas:

  • Audit Defense and Representation

  • Bank Levy Garnishment Releases

  • Business and Personal Tax Resolution

  • Collection Appeal Program Request (CAP) Hearings

  • Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearings

  • Complex Installment Agreement Negotiations

  • Complex Tax Account Transcript Analysis

  • Currently Not Collectible - Financial Hardship

  • Equity, Allocation Liability, Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Federal Tax Lien Removal Request

  • Identity Theft Tax Resolution

  • Installment Payment Plans

  • IRS Appeals Representation

  • IRS Back Payroll Tax Problems

  • IRS Seizure and Sale Prevention Strategies

  • Levy Releases within 24 Hours

  • Partial Payment Installment Plans

  • Penalty Abatement Requests with Appeals considerations

  • Tax Audit Consultations

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defenses

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Investigations

  • Wage Levy and Bank Account Levy Releases

  • Unfiled Returns