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Client Testimonials and Recommendations


"Vic Morel Negotiated with the IRS and got us a

$25,603 Tax Penalty Abatement"

Our family owned corporation was a victim of an internal embezzlement by a long time trusted employee. She was taking the payroll tax money and making checks to herself. The Government started levying on our bank accounts and I didn't know what was happening. This long time trusted employee was hiding and shredding the IRS and State Notices and Correspondences as the mail was delivered to our office. I didn't know where to turn.

After I contacted Vic, he immediately contacted the IRS for the Bank Levy Releases. In addition, he prepared a reasonable cause penalty request and we got a $25,603 penalty forgiveness.

His negotiating skills gave us some breathing room and allowed us to catch up on our back payroll taxes with the IRS.

Bob & Lily J............Thousand Palms, CA


"My Proposed Installment Agreement Monthly Payment Amount

was Granted for my unpaid back 1040 taxes"

Vic, because of this terrible economy, I got behind on paying our Estimated Tax Payments for our 1040 Income Taxes. The IRS was balking at granting me an Installment Agreement.

Once I contacted you (Vic), you immediately contacted the Revenue Officer's Group Manager and requested a Collection Appeal Program (CAP) Hearing. You convinced the IRS Manager by quoting the correct Internal Revenue Manual Section (Section V) that my Proposed Installment Agreement was proper & appropriate.

Thanks again.

John E...,Rancho Mirage, CA

"He proved to the IRS that the Present Owner (or business buyer)

was not liable to pay the seller's back taxes"

When I purchased my brother-in-law's auto repair shop, I had no idea that the IRS would try to make me liable for my brother-in-law's back unpaid payroll taxes. The IRS identified my shop assets as a transferee liability, and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Vic gave me an in-depth interview to gather all the relevant facts. He met directly with the IRS and convinced them by the facts that the shop assets were mine not my brother-in-laws.

Thanks for your help. I can sleep soundly at night again.

Jose S......Indio, CA

"He Saved the Social Security Checks from the IRS's Collection Efforts"

My wife and I lost our business. The IRS was coming after us for the unpaid back business payroll taxes. Because of our meager incomes, I was afraid that the IRS would garnish my Social Security Benefits.

Just when a levy was to be sent, Vic contacted the IRS, and demanded a Collection Due Process Hearing. My Social Security Checks were saved from the IRS's Collection Efforts.

He has my gratitude and my wife's.

Steve S......... Palm Springs, CA

"Negotiated Removal of Levy Garnishments of our Accounts

Receivable Funds that were Due from Our Customers"

Our family owned business fell behind on our business payroll taxes. The IRS began mailing out Garnishment Levies to our Customers. I could not believe what was happening. The Revenue Officer didn’t seem to listen to me. I was scared and didn't know what to do.

When I contacted Vic, he went directly to the IRS and negotiated for the release of the levies, and he negotiated an Installment Agreement on the Back Payroll Taxes that I could live with.

With this breathing room, I was able to remain current with my Federal Tax Deposits for Payroll Taxes and Pay on the Back Taxes that we owed at the same time.

Thanks again.

Joanne….....Banning, CA

"Stopped the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Collection

Actions against a Father and Two Sons"

Our family owned corporation fell behind on our business payroll taxes. The IRS began assessing the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) against me, my husband, and my two sons who didn't have anything to do with the Financial Side of the Business. I was scared because the Revenue Officer didn't seem to listen to us.

With Vic’s hands on approach, he immediately became very pro-active. He personally conducted F.4180 (Potentially Responsible Persons) interviews himself and submitted them directly to the IRS Revenue Officer. By requesting an Appeals hearing, he was able to stop the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty collection actions against my husband and two sons.

Thank you so much.

Anita P.........Palm Springs, CA

"Invalidated IRS Assessment (SFR - Substitute for Return)

and Reduction of my Tax Due Liability"

I didn't file for awhile because of my Fear of the IRS. The IRS filed some of my 1040 returns by themselves (SFR - Substitute for Returns). Their assessments were really overblown; they didn't give me any of my deductions.

Vic helped me submit my corrected 1040 tax returns and I got an audit reconsideration which reduced my entire tax liability. I couldn't have done it without your help.

Robby R..........La Quinta, CA


"The Big Tax Resolution Company that advertises on the Internet and TV took his money but did nothing. Afterwards, Vic Morel helped solve my tax problems"

We got behind on our corporate business payroll taxes. I contacted one of those big Tax Resolution Companies that advertises on the Internet and TV. This turned out to be a very big mistake on my part. They took my money (a few thousand dollars) and did nothing. I was levied and garnished. Despite the fact that their 800 # seemed to be always busy, I was finally able to contact them. They blamed the problem on me and demanded more money from me. They said if I didn't pay them, they would sue me for the contract balance. To be honest, I was scared and confused.

When I contacted Vic, it all changed. He immediately contacted the IRS Revenue Officer and the levies stopped. I could always reach him on his cell phone, and he was able to negotiate an Installment Agreement that I could afford.

Thanks again for your help, Vic!

Dr. Z............Indio, CA

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  • Bank Levy Garnishment Releases

  • Business and Personal Tax Resolution

  • Collection Appeal Program Request (CAP) Hearings

  • Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearings

  • Complex Installment Agreement Negotiations

  • Complex Tax Account Transcript Analysis

  • Currently Not Collectible - Financial Hardship

  • Equity, Allocation Liability, Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Federal Tax Lien Removal Request

  • Identity Theft Tax Resolution

  • Installment Payment Plans

  • IRS Appeals Representation

  • IRS Back Payroll Tax Problems

  • IRS Seizure and Sale Prevention Strategies

  • Levy Releases within 24 Hours

  • Partial Payment Installment Plans

  • Penalty Abatement Requests with Appeals considerations

  • Tax Audit Consultations

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defenses

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Investigations

  • Wage Levy and Bank Account Levy Releases

  • Unfiled Returns